Melbourne University Netball Club


Melbourne University Netball Club (MUNC) is a competitive netball club that has a strong history with the University of Melbourne. The club celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2020.

MUNC offers a competitive and social sporting club experience with weekly training and games throughout the year. Players with previous netball experience are encouraged to contact the club and participate in trials each season.

The club also provides players with an opportunities to progress into competing at state level through a partnership with Melbourne University Lightning (VNL).

MUNC currently consists of 8 teams competing in the Parkville Netball Competition on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Monday and Tuesday teams train at Melbourne University Sport on Thursday evenings.

We also offer positions in teams in the Tin Alley womens competition on Wednesday nights at Melbourne University.

The Autumn season starts early-February until June and the Spring season starts July and runs until December. There is a short break between seasons but it is a quick turnaround. Trials for the Autumn season are generally held in October of the previous year and the Spring season trials held in June.

The Club usually needs a number of fill-ins at the start of each season as they often start during uni break. The Club uses the Interested Members list to find necessary fill-ins. Once on the Interested Members list you will also be notified of the next available opportunity to trial.


Please note that you do not need to be a student at the University of Melbourne to join MUNC.


Plays Monday or Tuesday nights in the Parkville Competition

Group or squad training Thursday nights at Tin Alley, Melbourne University


Plays Thursday night in the Parkville competition

No training



Social competition on Wednesday nights at the Melbourne University Sports Centre